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Emotions Learning Board

Emotions Learning Board

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Our emotions board is a great tool to teach your child emotions and feeling.

Recognizing your emotions and learning to manage them is one of the most important skills you can have. ... Teaching children about their emotions and how to manage them will give them the strategies and life skills to navigate their way through tough situations and handle them in a more calm, purposeful way.

Our board is two layers with a mirror for your child to see themselves and evaluate how they are feeling and making that connection with what emotion they are displaying. The sides are a puzzle, a picture, and a word match. The picture discs can also be removed and used as-is. 

Simply attach to a wall with 3m hooks. Or use by itself.

Product information

40cm x 20cm 

We use the school font for your state.

Made from two layers of premium plywood and silver mirror acrylic.

Images for discs are available in male, female, or a mix.

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